What Juicer is the Best ?

The big question is: What Juicer is the best for Cancer Treatment?

There are a lot of juicers that one can use to increase their daily fruits and vegetables consumption or to help cleanse their body from toxins and deceases.

Gerson’s therapy is also based around juicing and consuming lots and lots of fruits and vegetables.

So which juicer to use?

There are 2 major types of juicers: Centrifugal Juicers & Cold Press Juicers.
They might come in different shapes and sizes, but the core functionalists are the same.

Press Juicer is the one you want because when fruits or vegetables are presses non of the healthy enzymes are lost and juice maintains its nutrition value.

According the Gerson’s therapy, the best juicer is Norwalk juicers. you can see more about them in the video below:
however, that juicer is very expensive and might not be the best solution for some one to start with. Below we will show some inexpensive alternatives that works great and can be a great for you.

If Norwalk juicers is not something you want to get, we would recommend to just get on of the Omega juicers that start around $200 and Welles or Peoples juice Press (to squeeze additional juice from the pulp)

Here is the video you can see Omega and Press in action ( we are not affiliated with this video, it is for demonstration purpose only)

Omega juicer seems like the best juicer for your buck and would be best alternative for people who doesn’t want to spend money on Norwalk juicers.

Drink Juices and Stay healthy!



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